My new Sergent PM and what's next?

  1. Thanks again to everyone who helped me authenticate this lovely Sergent PM bag from the eBay seller fashionphile. It arrived today and I love it!:love: I love how casual and funky it is.

    I'm already saving up and debating what my next LV should be. :nuts:i'm leaning toward the Suhali Le Fabuleux in black... but the black velour/alligator Clyde bag has also caught my eye. They are such different bags (from one another) and while I don't need either (I have way too many bags as it is!) I could greatly justify either purchase... but alas, I will only be able to afford one. Opinions?

    My only other LV is an anthracite Olympe Nimbus GM and I love it!
    1908 005.JPG 1908 006.JPG 1908 008.JPG 1908 009.JPG
  2. o congrats. how beautiful.
    i think you next one should be the black fableux.
    that one is goregeous
  3. wow, gorgeous!
  4. :drool: Wow GORGEOUS!!! also you received it super fast! :party: Thanks for posting the pictures!

    BTW I love the Suhali Le Fabuleux
  5. OMG - congrats !

    And you are really collecting the big ticket items ! :graucho:
  6. 9 times out of 10, I will walk into a store and the one item I am drawn to turns out to be the most expensive thing in there.... it stinks! I am a big bargain hunter with most things... bags are my weakness.:shrugs:

    I won't be able to afford to have many, many LV bags, but I am looking forward to having a small but special collection.:angel:
  7. Congrats! :nuts:
  8. Beautiful bag!
  9. Pretty bag, enjoy
  10. Congrats!! That bag is so cool looking! Enjoy!!
  11. ooh I love the shape of that bag! congrats!
  12. Oooh, it is absolutely gorgeous. :nuts:

  13. Congratulations- that bag is stunning!
  14. congrats!!!! i would go for the clyde next. that bag is oh so lovely!!! :nuts:
  15. Congrats ... great bag .. I love how it sits on your shoulder....lovely:love: