My New Selma Tote! Off 5th has the best deals!

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  1. I've loved this tote since my Off 5th store received it in December. I knew though that the MJ bags at this location never move so I decided to wait until it got marked down. Well it finally did. It was marked down to $426.99 plus a 25% coupon I got by e-mail. With tax it only came out to around $350!! :yahoo: :nuts: Yay!!! It's a fabulous minty-greenish-grey color. If anyone's interested, there are 2 more. I bought it at the San Marcos, TX store.

    Here she is!!

  2. That is a gorgeous bag, love the color! I have a peppermint Stella and I love pointing out "Look she's really green not white" LOL.
  3. I love it! Congrats!!
  4. Beautiful bag!! Love the light mint green color... Congrats!
  5. Gorgeous bag and a great deal, too! Congrats.
  6. very pretty! congrats on the price! you're tempting me to buy even more MJ bags lol
  7. very cute bag at such a fantastic price!
  8. Very cute new bag. Your patience has paid off well!
  9. ^^Thanks ladies!
  10. Thats such a great price - congrats:yahoo:
  11. congrats!Gorgeous bag!
  12. what a great deal! she looks yummy.
  13. That's a wonderful bag, congratulations!
  14. Were the other bags the same color?
  15. ^^Yes, the other totes on sale were the same color. They also have the tote in taupe but it wasn't marked down yet. That one costs $610.

    Thanks again everyone for your nice compliments!:smile: