My new screensaver - think DH will get the hint??

  1. So I just put this up on my desktop background on our family computer.................think DH will even notice and if he does, think he'll go get it?? Have any other ideas for me to do to give him more of a hint?? hehe.......I'm pretty sure he wouldn't go buy it himself, maybe if I was with him. He never goes into LA by himself. Should I put the store number on the background or even the 888 number??

  2. Ohh, very pretty, I think it's a pretty good hint. Even better if you put a number ;) :graucho: Hope you get it!
  3. Great idea, may I borrow it?
    Hubby does not take hints well.
  4. hahahahahaha THATS A GREAT HINT!
  5. Nice.

    Is there a reason why you don't tell him you want it?
  6. LOL that is too funny. I hope he gets the hint and definitely put the number there!! :roflmfao:
  7. Haha, that's cute! Hope he get's the hint ;)
  8. hehehe I hope he takes the hint LOL
  9. I was thinking the same thing. Actually in my case I always tell DH exactly what I want, and then we go into the store together and get it. Sure, it's not a "surprise" or anything, but then at least I am sure I get what I want :biggrin:

    that is a cute screen saver btw! love it!
  10. I normally just buy what I want. DH does surprise me sometimes though.

  11. yes cuz if I tell him, he'll ask the price then it will be totally OFF LIMITS..........but if he goes into the store to look at it, then he'll feel much more obliged to get it (or something else) since he's already down there. KWIM??

    IDK, I'm pretty sure my chances of getting one are slim to none!! But it's worth a shot, right?

    And yes ladies, feel free to use it...........that's another reason I posted it!! :yes:
  12. Oh, I never thought about that. I guess I am blessed then.

    Good luck with getting it.
  13. OIC. Yeah sometimes I tell DH I wanna show him something (a bag or accessory) and he sometimes says he doesn't even wanna see it cuz then he'll see how much i really like it and so he'll feel bad and give in. :p
  14. I just tell DH what I want and then go get it myself. Not many surprises with him, but we don't have the same tastes in LV. LOL
  15. OMG love love the idea, hope he get's the hint.