My new scarf :)

  1. Here it is - my first H scarf. It's actually going to be a present for my 17yo - she rides horses so I want to frame this for her.

    I love it...oh no - another addiction :yahoo:

  2. that's a gorgeous scarf!
  3. :yes: They are an addiction! :lol:
  4. Very pretty! What a beautiful gift
  5. What a Beautiful Gift!! Is this her first HERMES item. If it is, what a great start, especially if she loves horses.:yahoo: Congrats to her.
  6. I love the idea of framing scarves...always have!
  7. First, I remember you once posted a pic of yourself with your JPG Birkin and am shocked to hear you have a 17 year old.

    Second, congratulations! I love Hermes scarves.
  8. what a gorgeous present.. I'm sure she'll love it :smile:
  9. Such vibrant colors! Congrats!!! I'm sure your daughter will love it.
  10. What a beauty, and an excellent choice for your daughter!
  11. So pretty! Your daughter's lucky to have a mom like you!
  12. LOL, Kou! I always knew I liked you!!!:smile:

    She graduated early and is in college, so she acts like she's 20-something at times but is actually a really cool kid!

    Here's a pic of my baby and her purebred Arabian, DA Prism! This past July, they were named Top-ten in the nation for AOTR Showhack (and this was only their fifth show together!!!) Pic is from their Country English Pleasure class - where they made two cuts!

  13. Your daughter is beautiful! What a gorgeous smile! I haven't seen a pic of you, Lisa, but I'm sure you're a real looker as well:smile:) Like mother like daughter, as they say.

    Oh and Da Prism, how stately! Stunning beast!
  14. From what I recall of your picture, your daughter looks just like you.:yes:

    That's a gorgeous horse!!! And you have a beautiful daughter.