My new scarf

  1. Yesterday, my DH Chris and I met Donna and Janet at Hermes SF to see Donna pick up her gorgeous Princess Kelly. :biggrin: I was going to try to be good and not buy anything until after we move (at the end of the month) but Hermes had some new scarf designs and I fell hard for this one. Chris said get it and I was gone to the register. :yes: It's called Les Boxes and it's my first "big" scarf! Donna and Janet helped me pick this color which more vibrant IRL than in the pictures. I love how the orange will look with my "future, someday gotta have it" orange Kelly. :lol: They had a beautiful suede orange Kelly and I tried not to drool on it. :shame: It was a wonderful day!!!
    C488EB6C-9C41-27C3-CD99FEB8AACBAF72.jpg C489B891-0AA5-2F08-514C534B344306FE.jpg
  2. Aaawwwww, I think the horses are cute!!!!
  3. Heather....I LOVE this scarf and those colors were IT for you! Clerc's designs were always so full of movement! In fact I'm so tempted to get the one we saw in the pale blue and chocolate colors....enjoy her, Heather....she's a BEAUTY!

    And it was fun though I don't think Chris will let us shop together anymore :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  4. Gorgeous scarf!!!
    I love the horse theme
  5. :love: lovely
  6. Donna, you should get the blue one! It is so pretty!!!! Chris loved every minute of it. :lol: He is quite taken with Madame Kelly and keeps telling me I must find a toile Kelly someday! :biggrin: He's such a good shopper/enabler it is dangerous...I almost bought a Speedy yesterday too but finally came to my senses and put the breaks on until after we are done moving. :amuse: We went back to H on our way back to the car and I tried on the little blue Vespa. It was a little bit darker than BJ, really pretty. :love:
    PS The blue scarf would look fabulous with Mizz Kelly and Princess cause it has the dark brown and the carmel colors in it! :heart:
  7. Thank you hermesgroupie, Joanna and Lilach! :flowers:
  8. What a lovely scarf! Congrats!
  9. Beautiful it!!:love:
  10. gorgeous - what a great pattern......and your DH sounds lovely, too!
  11. Thanks Kat, lovehermes, and Kristie! DH is a sweetheart. :love: We were laughing tonight that our moving closer to SF is gonna be expensive with my purse habit and his Marklin model train habit. :lol:
  12. Oooh love it!! Love the horses...congrats!! Sounds like a fun day!
  13. Ditto on the fun day and congratulations, that's a beautiful scarf! I bet it's more beautiful in real life because Hermes scarves have this sheen to them... Yum.
  14. Lovely scarf!!! And I'm really jealous about you and Donna going to H together, I wish I could come with you...!!LOL:yes:
  15. I love when people truly have fun together and that is what your visit sounded like. The scarf was just icing on the cake. Congratulations!!!