My new scarf! (The one from the NM sale)

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  1. So I caved and opened my scarf today! :shame: (It's OK, I still have one orange box under the tree that I have not touched!!! :amuse: )

    Anyway, here is the scarf that I got at the NM sale a few weekends ago...I love it!!! It looks great with Miss Evelyne too. :party:

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  2. Ok . . . I LOVE THAT SCARF!!!!! I bet that goes with everything

    I will not guilt you about opening the lil orange box early
  3. wow, that's a pretty scarf.. I like the design...
  4. Thanks Candace and Bluxcape! I was so excited to find it because I've always loved this animal design in the enamel bracelets. And the blue color is perfect with my Evelyne. :yahoo:
  5. Wow, that is wonderful!! I wish N-M would put their H scarves online. There is no N-M in my town or any other decent store.

  6. :yes: I wish they would too Kallie! And thanks!!!
  7. that scarf!!! Congratulations!! Need to see a pick with Ms. Evelyne!! My idol and mentor!:smile: :heart:

    I asked my SA if she had scarves here, and she said all the sale ones were shipped out and then they found out they went on sale....she wanted to sell me one, but they were transferred out to stores that have more HERMES:confused1: . I was so :cursing: inside.....she wanted to get me one so bad.
  8. Thanks NHL! Oh no sorry to hear what happened! It was just dumb luck that DH and I were there the day they put the sale scarves out! I will take some pics with Miss Ev tomorrow when there is more light. :yes:
  9. YOU WERE LUCKY!! I can't wait to see it tomorrow. :yes:

    At least I found out I have internet in this room of ours!! Yippeee....I get to read and get tPF fixes at night!:yahoo:
  10. Oh good!!! :yahoo:
  11. so classic!!! love it!!!!
    hehe wonder whats in the other orange box!
  12. Oh very nice, CB! Is the other orange box a surprise??
  13. Thanks Yorelica and Ms T! Yep, the other little orange box is a surprise and it's driving me nuts!!! :nuts: But I am going to be good and wait! :sweatdrop:
  14. Cb That is gorgeous!!! I'm sure it looks awesome on Evelyn.
  15. Thanks Japster!!! :flowers: :flowers: