My new Scarf Print cosmetic case!

  1. I just bought my first new LV bag last week, and it's lovely, but as it doesn't have a zipper pocket inside and I don't want to put makeup next to the lining anyway, I decided to get a nice little cosmetic case for it. The LV ones are of course around $250, something I cannot justify right now!

    I went to the Coach store today and looked at the signature stripe cases, but they just didn't thrill me... I ended up with this darling one:


    It's not matchy-matchy, but it sure is cute, and I can use it anywhere since it has fairly neutral coloring and isn't blatantly COACH, yaknow? The one I got has a lot of the dark brown in it.

    Oh and here is my new bag, rockin my a pink silk Coach scarf...

  2. Very cute...the cosmetic case is soooo adorable.
  3. What are the measurements of the case? It's adorable. I'm in desperate need of a new makeup bag!
  4. I just measured mine, it's about 7" long, 3 1/4" wide, and 3" tall.

    I compared it with the sig-stripe ones and it is smaller than the large one, slightly bigger than the small one. It's a great size, and it can hold pens, too. And it has 3 open pockets inside!

    Oooh I love this thing. I bet it's gonna sell out quick and in a couple months I'll be glad I got one.
  5. I'll go ahead and photograph the inside tonight.
  6. The case is adorable and I really like the scarf with the damier. Congrats on your new buys!
  7. Inside my case:


    Mints, compact mirror, bus pass, two pens, lip stick, lip gloss, lip balm. Room for much more.
  8. I am in love with that particular scarf print. Good buy!
  9. I love that case so much! I wish I had the money for it :cry: Pretty scarf!
  10. I like both :smile:
    you have some awesome new purchases there.
  11. omg I didn't know that makeup case had side pockets...Its really a lovely case..congrats!
  12. That's really nice, and it's great that it has those inside pockets.
  13. This is the first Hamptons/silk piece I have owned, and it feels so nice. Um, kind of like a nice bra!

    If Coach made a bra in this print, you bet I would buy one...
  14. LOL

    Do you guys know if the stripe beauty cases have side pockets? Wheres serendipity? She bought one, she would know.