My new scarf! Fleurs et Plumes!

  1. Eee! I was in Paris last weekend (I posted for recommendations in General forum) and have only just got around to posting this. I saw it and absolutely loved it! They had it in pink as well but I wanted one to match my bags, and since they are nearly all brown, the blue looked best! I tried to get a good picture of the pattern:

    Picture 613438.jpg
  2. That is so lovely and will be beautiful with brown.
  3. It's Beautiful!
  4. It is stunning.. Congrats
  5. I'm in luurve...congrats! :yes:
  6. Pretty, pretty scarf. I love the blue!
  7. What a pretty colour. Congrats!
  8. So pretty!
  9. PS - I love your username painauchocolat :yes:
  10. It is a lovely scarf. Just beautiful
  11. I love this pattern and have it in the pochette--looks fabulous with dark browns! Excellent choice!
  12. It is a lovely choice for your bags!
  13. Beautiful scarf! I love it!
  14. One of my favourites. I have it in mousseline and it's stunning too. I've attached some pictures bellow.
    fleursetplumes.jpg fleursetplumes10.jpg fleursetplumes12.jpg fleursetplumes13.jpg fleursetplumes16.jpg
  15. What a lovely scarf! Congratulations! :heart: