My new scarf & bracelet - pics

  1. As some of you know I returned the pink scarf. This is the scarf I got in its place. I LOVE it! I also included pics of the elephant enamel bracelet that is going back. I am getting the narrow bracelet instead. What do you guys think about this wider one? Do you like it more than the narrow style?


  2. The colors in that scarf are gorgeous. I like the wide bracelet, I think it looks good on you.
  3. That is my favorite scarf! :heart: :heart: :heart: I love the bracelet too. I like either the wide or the narrow. That one looks great on you! :biggrin:
  4. I love the scarf, and I think the bracelet looks great on you.
  5. i looooove the scarf and the bracelet wellit suits you but i am not into anything fashion jewelry so i am not a big help with that one ;)
  6. If you're only going to wear one bracelet at a time, I like the wide version. I like the narrow bracelets worn in groups of two or three. :smile: Beautiful picks!
  7. Wow what a great scarf!! Love the vibrant color - and honestly?? I love the bracelet too!!!!
  8. The scarf is beautiful, and I like the bracelet on you. I do think a narrow one would look just as good. Sorry I'm no help.

    P.S. - I LOVE your rings!!
  9. THe scarf is just beautiful! And the bracelet looks lovely on you as it is.....I like to stack my bracelets so if you do too then the narrow one would be the better choice. The only thing is that you'll need THREE!
  10. I love the scarf soooo very much and the wider bracelet on you. The wider makes a statement/impact.
  11. I agree!

    Both are gorgeous, Kat. You have such great taste :cool:
  12. Wow your new scarf and your bracelet, which match perfectly btw, are so unique and fashionable!!!

    Love the complimentary colors~
    One of my favorite combinations!
  13. I love the scarf and the bracelet looks very nice on you, but I have to say I really like the narrow ones very much, even as singles.
  14. I love the thick bracelet. It's just plain cool, but go with what you are drawn to. You'll be more satisfied that way.
  15. Ok, Chipoman......your avatar is hysterical!!!!!!