My new satchel!

  1. Since my husband is imaptient and gets excited about gifts, he already gave me my (early) Xmas present - a BCBG Max Azria satchel! :yahoo: Pics do not do this bag justice.

    Normally I am not a satchel girl, but this bag sits so comfortably on my arm - nice, soft leather with great hardware details, and it is the perfect size! Holds all my stuff and seems to keep it's shape well. I don't see much on these boards about BCBG handbags, but this one is gorgeous - I love it. :love: I would def. buy another based on the quality of this bag so far. Hubby has such good taste!

  2. Hey greenpixie.... I can't see your pics!!!!
  3. me neither and I love satchels :smile:
  4. Ok lets try this again....
    Photo_120407_001.jpg Photo_120407_002.jpg Photo_120407_003.jpg
  5. OOOOOOOO she's pretty!! Congrats!
  6. Very cute! Congrats!
  7. Oh it's so pretty! Congratulations! :biggrin:
  8. Very cute! Congrats!
  9. congrats! she's cute!
  10. Oooh, I was just admiring this satchel at Off 5th over the weekend but I made myself finish my Christmas shopping, lol. Congrats....beautiful bag in your pics and in person!
  11. so cute, congrats!
  12. Very cute, I love it!! Congratulations!!!!
  13. i love it! its gonna look sooo good with pants or jeans!
  14. Nice job by your hubby! I just saw this at Off Fifth in Atlanta and I picked it up to have a closer look-nice bag!:angel:
  15. Congratulations!! Happy early xmas :smile: