My New Satchel

  1. So I went to the outlet yesterday. Boy was there a lot theren that I wanted! I ended up walking away with the Soho Leather Satchel in black (10036). I had a hard time deciding. They had the same satchel in a beautiful bordeaux suede and they also had one in a tobacco vintage leather. I decided against the suede one even though I was drooling all over it because you have to be a little more careful with suede. I decided against the vintage leather, that was a very very difficult decision, because I was afraid it would just get too scratched up and I wouldnt be happy with it. I have heard the scratches dont rub out of those very easily. I was/am thrilled with the one I got BUT, (there is always a but with me, after I got it home and took all of the stuffing out of it and put my stuff in it one side started sagging :sad:. Its only one side and it only does it when I sit it down. Is this just really anal?!?!?! It sags in pretty bad and I imagine over time it will get worse when the leather gets broken in. Are they supposed to do this? Does anyone else have one that does this and does it bug you?? I love the bag other than that!! I think it is beautiful and very classy. The handles are a little stiff but I imagine they will soften up over time. I hate being so picky about bags. I have done this all my life with every single bag I have ever bought. There is always something that bugs me. Is anyone else like this??? Guess I need a shrink. I know so many women that get a bag, love it, and carry it for months completely happy and not noticing or caring about the little oddities. I wish I could be more like that.
  2. You're not being anal. I don't like my bags to slouch like that either. Several months back I almost bought the soho leather tote...same your bag but when I took out the stuffing and placed it down it practically collapsed onto itself and I knew that was not the bag for me. I prefer something a little more structured...especially in a tote style. The leather on your bag is soooooo soft and delicious but if you are not happy with the fact that it slouches then consider returning it for something more structured. You should be happy with your purchase.
  3. You have to be completely happy with what you get or you will regret it all the time. Get what you love and are comfortable with. :yes:
  4. I have the bordeaux suede and it does slouch a lot! I kinda like a little slouch, though. If you do keep it , make sure you store it with the stuffing in. That might help it hold it's structure a little more. Hope that helps!
  5. Well, I am going to keep it because I do love the bag! I think I can overlook the slouch since it only does it when I set it down. I have a friend that is going to bring me a bunch of bubble wrap from his work and I am going to stuff all of my bags with that so they will hold their shape. Thanks for the tip seamusmom!
  6. Don't worry... I think you are normal. I do it too. That is why I only buy a few bags per year. I'm really picky and have to LOVE it to part with my money. Little flaws can be dealbreakers for me.