My new SATC magazine clutch!

  1. Remember that episode on the boat where Carrie is talking to big and has that cute vintage magazine clutch, well I've been looking for the right one for me for awhile and just won this one! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Besides who doesn't love a man hauling gold around!:p


  2. love love love it....i have been feening since I was lil girl. I remember when they came out...dang I am telling my age:shame:shamed
  3. Cool! Congrats!
  4. back in the 80s when I was in elementary school, my friend's mother had one of these and I remember thinking it was sooooo cool :supacool:
  5. Can you post some more pics?? I've never heard of a magazine clutch (guess I'm telling my age too, lol) but it's cute! Where does it open?
  6. That is so cool!!! Does anyone know how to go about making them? I have some LIFE magazines from the '60s; they would make really cool clutches.

    Hmmm... I'll figure it out! haha
  7. ^^
    Here are some more pics. The magazines are covered in shellac or plastic or something, so its a hard clutch.


  8. thats amazing. how much was it?
  9. That's adorable!!! :biggrin:

  10. I had one of those in HS. I wish I would have kept it!
  11. Wow nice, I still have mine from the 70s, just couldn't part with it. Its almost too small to use but it looks great on the shelf.
  12. Wow, first time I've seen that bag.
  13. That is so cool!
  14. Ridiculously cheap for being unused vintage - something like $35 shipped. Gotta love eBay, sometimes.

    Thanks for the nice comments!!:smile:
  15. cool! I love Paris Match!