my new Sapin Work*pics*

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  1. Hi everyone, I've just received my new Sapin Work from It's so pretty! The leather is thick and glossy with a little wrinkling. The colour on this bag is most definitely green (rather than near black) even under artificial lights. My pics are all with flash, so they don't capture the colour 100%, but they're close enough. Now I just have to give her a name! I hope you enjoy the pics.
    sapin-shoulder.jpg sapin-holding.jpg sapin-half.jpg sapin-front.jpg sapin-close-up.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! I like that color more and more. Thanks for sharing!
  3. OMG she's gorgeous! i've been eyeing it for the longest time! now you just made me want to get one too!!! do you have any modelling pics carrying the work by the arms?? i have a city but i'd like see how much BIGGER is the work compared to the city!! thanks babe!! you look great in the work!
  4. Hi Sillygoose, you should get a Sapin Work too!! I quickly snapped some comparison pics for you. I hope they give you an idea of the size difference. The Work is a fair bit bigger than the City.
    city-shoulder.jpg work-city-flat.jpg work-city-side.jpg work-city-upright.jpg work-shoulder.jpg
  5. Congrats :yahoo:Sapin is one of my favorite Green too.:yes:
  6. Helen -VERY pretty!! I love the leather!!!
  7. Beautiful! The Work looks fantastic on you........congrats!:yahoo: I love seeing pics. Thanks for posting!
  8. thank you helenc you're too sweet! i'm really tempted now!! but i think i might go for the blah black instead ): i'm actually dying for a marine bag, perhaps a marine work..but there isn't one on argh ): may i know how tall are you?? i'm 5"6 i'm wondering if the work will be an odd size for me? like not big not small??
  9. It beautiful,it looks very soft as well.

  10. Ah, another Sapin fan! Your Work looks fantastic and so do you with it! Congratulations...
  11. BEAUTIFUL!!! :heart: I have the same bag and I love it so's the best shade of green. I've been carrying it a lot lately and people always remark on what a pretty bag she is. :tup:
  12. I love the color...its so pretty.
  13. Helen, your new work AND your black city look scrumptious! Mmmm....
  14. oh i love it! it's on my wishlist too..
  15. gaaaa - so gorgeous!!!! great veining too - congrats :tup: