My new Sandstone First!!!!

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  1. Thank all of you for your advise on this color ( I was waffling between Sandstone and Mastic)!!!

    How does she look?

    This is the softest, most gorgeous bag! I love her and want another one already. Are they all this yummy and soft?!?
    IMG_4489 (Small).JPG IMG_4491 (Small).JPG IMG_4494 (Small).JPG
  2. What a lovely neutral color... :yes: cOngrats!
  3. Congratulations - it's lovely!
  4. congrats! it looks caramel-ly!
  5. Congratulations - she's beautiful!
  6. congrats iwantone! she is very yummy! :tup: oh you will definitely get more! :graucho::heart:
  7. Great color, so versatile, congrats!
  8. so pretty! congrats on your beautiful first!
  9. very nice color, congrats!!
  10. vERY CUTE!!!!congrats~~
  11. I love it.
  12. What a great color! I can't wait to get a Balenciaga, I don't own one yet and I keep reading all these threads about how great they are. I own Coach and Louis Vuitton so this will be a nice change for me. Congrats!!! :smile:
  13. great choice!! sandstone is an amazing color with amazing leather!!! I wanna go hug mine now :nuts:
  14. Congrats iwantone, it looks gorgeous on you.
  15. sandstone has amazing leather, doesnt it? yours is soo cute!! you will get alot of wear out of it, i use mine all the time - it goes with everything.