My new sandals!

  1. What do you all think! (My husband thinks I have lost my mind...he walked in the bathroom and I was taking a pic of my foot raised up on the toilet seat!!! )
    DSC01557.JPG DSC01558.JPG
  2. I LOVE THOSE SHOES! I have been debating b/c I have pair of Prada similar to those. Congrats and cute polish!
  3. cute!
  4. so cute! great pedicure too!
  5. Love them!! Are they comfortable? I have been eyeing them for a few weeks now :love: .
  6. They are comfy!!! I have not worn them out of the house yet though! (they run BIG!!) I had to get a size smaller.
  7. FABUTRON!!!!!!!!! love love love them. what bag are you gonna Rock them with??? love the polish!!! lol!
  8. LOL! I hate getting caught in those whacky photo positions. Delicious summer shoes, love the polish too!
  9. Oh! They are so flattering, great sandals Sunshine!!!!:love:
  10. I have those!!! Did you get them in the kitten heal or flats?? I got them in the flats. I love them but im always tripping on them bc the front is kinda long and there's not much shock absorbent. So after a long period of walking, they hurt the ball of my feet. But theyreeee so cute!! i got them in dec, im glad that its almost summer so i can wear them more!
  11. cuuuuuuute! love them!
  12. Very cute!!!!
  13. OMG! I have those in 3 flats! They are the best shoes!!!(I have last summers colors!)
  14. Sooooooooo cute. Love your pedi too!
  15. They're perfect Sunshine! Very cute on you.