My new Saleya PM

  1. It's my first brand new LV bag, yay! Sorry for the blurry on-figure shots, I guess the light was too low! I am 5' 1" by the way.


    my cat Sasha in the background...


    that is a Coach ponytail scarf

    awesome interior, beautiful heavy gold zipper

    LOVE IT!
  2. It's a GORGEOUS bag!!! CONGRATS!:love:
  3. Congrats! I LOVE it, it looks great on you!:biggrin::flowers:
  4. Thank you! This bag has made me a total Damier convert.

    I strongly reccommend this baby to anyone who is considering a Damier piece! And white multicolore accessories look LOVELY inside against that red. :love: :love:
  5. Congrats, jane! She looks wonderful on you :love:
    I want a Damier piece and was thinking about the Saleya PM... Please share how you like yours :biggrin:
  6. Woooho!! That is aLOVELY bag! Thanks for sharing!!
  7. I plan to take her for a spin this week, I will report back. I'm sure I will adore it.

    Not sure about the scarf thing, what do you all think? I have never "accessorized" a bag like this before and wonder if it looks alright? I think this bag also looks gorgeous on its own without a scarf (of course), but the color does add a nice twist, eh?
  8. Wow, It's really cute!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes: Congrats!!!!!!!!! :biggrin: I actually saw it in the store yesterday when I was picking up my damier speedy...very cute!

    I wonder, the handles look pretty roomy...can it be worn on the shoulder comfortably??

    Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's a beaut!:amuse:
  9. I love that bag! It will probably be my next LV purchase. Congrats, it looks beautiful on you :heart:
  10. I love your saleya!!! I think the scarf is adorable! Pink looks so good against the damier:yes:
  11. The first thing I did in the store was stick it on my shoulder, it worked just fine (again, I am small, but it wasn't a tight fit either). I will probably only wear it on my shoulder when I need two free hands, the rest of the time it can be carried in hand or on the elbow joint very nicely!

    Comfort is seriously a HUGE factor for me in bag purchases.
  12. Oh, I love this bag :love: Congrats !

    Does the a4 fit in ?
  13. Do you mean like regular notebook paper? You might have to go up one size to the MM to do that, but I am not sure. It can definitely fit a trade-sized paperback book though, along with the other essentials.
  14. Ok, thanks :flowers:

    This size looks great on you, but I gues I have to look the MM. What a shame, it feels so big :huh:

    Again, it is a real beauty :heart:
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