My new Saffiano card holder...

  1. Got this today from Saks online or my business cards. I got it in black Saffiano so I can switch between work bags even though my Prada Tote is Argilla... What do you think?? Cute little pick me up!!!

  2. I like it :smile: love that you can switch between colours within the Saffiano collection. I fancy with a saffiano wallet or iphone case in peony pink for my new black BN2274
  3. Hi tiny flower- I love the pink Saffiano.. Any pics of your black tote??
  4. Just opened a new thread here :graucho:

    Tell me how you like it ;) Do you have any pics of your tote? I almost picked argilla, but finally went for the black one.
  5. Oh wow I love your tote!!! Black is just timeless!!! I fell in love with Argilla- I couldn't walk away... I love the shape, size, the look everything! I can't imagine myself not having it!!! I recently bought a Miu Miu...(the miu miu fanatics will kill me) but its nothing like my Prada...

    My next bag is the BN1874- almost same as ours, slightly bigger by a few cm's, but has. Middle zipper and a priceless snap closure!! Can't believe ours doesn't but I'm willing to over look that...


  6. Wow, that is really a beauty you have!! Argilla is such a nice color, too. Is it the BN1801?

    I understand that you fell in love with your Prada, I'm just the same. The shape is just perfect in form and the leather feels heavenly.

    I like the BN1874, too, but I think it is not as nicely shaped as the ones with two zippers. I don't know how to descripe, but they look some kind of dented.
  7. ok I need your advice I'm stuck between the prada saffiano or the celine nano but the prada I feel like it would last longer and just more classy please help me , and that grey color is just FAB.
  8. Ok here are some initial thoughts...
    Prada tote is a timeless classic shape and look. I don't think you could get sick of the shape nor could it go in or out of "fashion"
    Celine is gorgeous, fun, fashionable and very IT bag of the moment...
    Where Re the main places you'd carry your bag - is work an insurance office for example or a magazine publisher??
    How many other designer bags do you have - will this investment be it for a while?
    I think answering some of those questions help in making a decision..
  9. I just bought the new mini chanel bag and I have a givenchy bag, so the next bag I want it to be for a while till sometime next year. And your absolutely right prada will always stay for a really long time. So I'm going with prada. Celine is beautiful but the nano is a little too much
  10. Yes your right! The shape is much nicer on our bags... It's the snap closure that causes that dent in the middle of the BN1874... But I wouldn't say no to one.. ;)
  11. Yay!!! congrats pradas are the best!! Any pics of your two babies? Which Givenchy is it?? I so badly want a Nightingale...

    When do you expect to get the Prada... Please post a reveal!!
  12. I will I'm getting the bag next weekend at the beverly Hills locations pictures will be up.