My New SAC PLAT!!!

  1. So I ran into LV after reading and observing the thread showing all the LV's. This is what they had!:nuts: More in my showcase if needed.:biggrin:
    nc 177.jpg nc 130.jpg
  2. Beautiful:love: Congrats!
  3. Another lovely bag in your collection!
    Does your closet have room for say... someone 5'8"? I'm okay with small spaces ;)
  4. pretty! :smile:
  5. Star, AMAZING outfit and from what I can see, GORGEOUS lady ;P

    you pull the sac plat off very well!
  6. Very nice! :biggrin: Love the outfit too :love:
  7. Nice, congrats.
  8. You look great carrying the sac. Congratulations.
  9. You are so lucky!!! I'd love to have the Cerise sac plat myself. But I think they're out of stock out here.
  10. OMG! I just noticed that the woman in the picture is you O.o I thought it was a poster/advert. You look gorgeous, wear the bag very well.
  11. Star, are you by any chance a model? And if not, why not?! :P

    PS. Love the bag!
  12. it looks fab on you! congrats!
  13. I agree with the several of the posters above, you look like a model Star ! ;)

    I love it ! Great buy on the limited edition cerises !
  14. Star! Why does every bag look GREAT on you?! I'm jealous :P Great choice, what a fun bag! :nuts:
  15. Congrats Star! Another lovely bag to your you even have enough arms???? ;) ;)
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