My new Sable! + her friend Craie

  1. Well ladies, her she is, my new long-strap sable paddington. I have shown her with craie, and also posted pics of craie's worn brass hardware (as I was questioned about it earlier). Happy viewing!
    Sablecraie 001.jpg Sablecraie 005.jpg Sablecraie 006.jpg Sablecraie 011.jpg Sablecraie 025.jpg
  2. The pair
    Sablecraie 030.jpg Sablecraie 032.jpg Sablecraie 036.jpg Sablecraie 037.jpg Sablecraie 040.jpg
  3. I've noticed sable is supersmushy on her body, while craie is smushy on her sides
    Sablecraie 041.jpg Sablecraie 042.jpg Sablecraie 047.jpg Sablecraie 052.jpg Sablecraie 063.jpg
  4. Flash, no flash and sable's tags.

    I should note, choc sat this session out because she was not feeling so beautiful next to these two cuties.
    Sablecraie 066.jpg Sablecraie 068.jpg Sablecraie 069.jpg
  5. :wtf:OMG (curls up in a bitter little ball of jealousy and dies) that is BEAUTIFUL bellacherie!!!!!!:drool:


    Congrats :heart:
  7. Congrats~ Love the sable!!! :drool:
  8. Both are beauties! Sorry that choco is sitting on the sidelines . . . but these babies need time to play!
  9. Absolutely gorgeous :drool:

    But I am getting confused - are you selling one of these on eBay? Or is that another one? :shrugs:
  10. Yes one is for sale - which is why i posted pics of her hardware. I dont know how much I can say without "promoting" my auction!
  11. :drool: :drool: :drool: I love the sable..Gorgeous!!!! Yummy leather :drool:!!
  12. Ah gotcha! ;)

    Is the craie the one with the upside down 'Chloe' on the hasp? It's a gorgeous bag nonetheless :yes:
  13. Yes craie has a fault of the stamping being on the wrong side. I dont know it was stamped on the wrong side or the latch was put on upside down. Its not really obvious as the leather strap covers it up. Thanks for your lovely compliments - it will be sad to see her go. :sad:
  14. Aww the paddy sisters are going to be separated? They look gorgeous together! :heart:
  15. Yes they will be separeted - I'm afraid to have sable I needed to let go of craie. Craie claimed I was being superfical, I couldnt disagree. :crybaby: