my new S&C Hobo stained - HELP!!!!

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  1. I carried my NEW - S&C Hobo in beige for the first time Wednesday. As you know it is lambskin and a friend who carries Chanel saw it and immediately touched it.
    She only has caviar bags and did not know that the lambskin was fragile and would stain. She had just put lotion on her hands and touched the bag before I realized it. Well.... her fingers stained the bag.:crybaby:
    Anyone have any suggestions about cleaning other than sending the bag to Chanel?

  2. oh noooo :sad: do u have a leather cleaner Penny?
  3. its best to clean it off soon before the oils from the lotion sinks deep into the leather :push:
  4. My fear about cleaning it yourself is that the product may change the color of the leather. I have a very porous tan Paddington where a stain became darker with leather cleaner/conditioner, even though the product label stated it would not change color.

    A good leather will usually absorb stains over time and not look as obvious. What if you tried gently rubbing some corn starch over the stain and stretching the leather surrounding the area? Stretching will sometimes lighten up spotting, or remove spots permanently.

    That all said, I'd be very careful since it's lambskin. Maybe a plain old baby wipe will do the trick?
  5. Ohhh no, so sorry to hear that your Soft and Chain stained! :sad: I hope you are able to lesson, or better yet, remove the stain entirely!!! Let us know what happens, and good luck! :yes:
  6. Oh no, poor you - *hugz*! I'd ask the Chanel store for advice just to be completely on the safe side.
  7. I agree, i used a leather cleaner on my lambskin pochette and it left a slightly darker spot. Lambskin is very delicate.
  8. OMG!!!
    What did you say to your girlfriend? "I'll see you in court?"
    Sorry this is no time for joking...but seriously!! this would make me go in shock:wtf:
    I hope that you will get the stain off!!
  9. That is horrible! I would call Chanel and ask what they recommend you do. Do hope you get the stain out!
  10. Oh Penny, I'm so sorry about this. Hopefully you'll get it out soon! Let us know what happenns....
  11. Oh what a bummer :sad: I hope you can get the stain out!
  12. Yikes! I wold be afraid to self clean b-cuz you might make it worse.

    i would let Chanel take a look. So sorry. I be you wanted to chop your friends head off :ninja:
  13. Oh God!! What did your friend do..Did she realize it?!? I would be FREAKING out...Ugh!! Hope you get the stain out..have you tried anything yet?!
  14. OMG, I hope you can get the stain out!

    I try as hard as I can to dodge people when I see them zooming in on my bag.

    My buddy grabbed my new Bal. Courrier and was manhandling it, I asked her to STOP!!! but she was on a roll and I didn't want to damage it by grabbing it from her.

    Well, there's a little applique of leather on the front with two rivets, it's just decorative, and she nearly pulled the damned thing off "What's this?" :wtf: :cursing:

    Cow. Needless to say, I take off running whenever she's around.

    Good luck!
  15. I like the cornstarch idea. I don't think it can hurt and it might help.