My new RV Work!!!!!!!

  1. bb10lue I love you!! haha Thanks for this amazing bag!!! It's TDF!! I never thought 06 leather could look sooooo delicious!!!! ... truely an amazing bag ... I realized I was a work girl all along!! haha
  2. Sooooooooooooooooooo Pretty! Congrats.
  3. two more ..
    PICT0009.JPG PICT0013.JPG
  4. holy how your RV work slouches! congrats!
  5. GORGEOUS:yahoo: !!!
    It's a great size for you and the leather looks fantastic!
  6. it's a real deep cherry red .. not orangy or bright at all!! .. its hard to photograph .. i really love it :smile: would recommend it to anyone who loves bbags!!
  7. Your bag is absolutely gorgeous! (Can I have it? lol) ;) ;)
  8. Beautiful:drool: I just love the Rouge Vif:heart:
  9. [​IMG] I love this picture! It looks soooo smooshy!!!
  10. very beautiful bag!! congrats
  11. That bag is beautiful! Lovin' the leather! Congrats on your new baby.
  12. i was drooling all over for that bag! congrats!!
  13. Hehe~~look at ya!!!:nuts: Look soo HOT with the rouge vif!!! Wear it in good health:heart:!!!!
  14. OMG! so pretty! i love how it slouched :yes:
  15. It is gorgeous and i love your charms too.:p Congrats.:yahoo: