My New Rouille & Emerald Shrugs..

  1. :yahoo: It's hereeeee... I'm so excited.. it's so beautiful, especially the rouille... I love this shrugs style.. so practical, I can let my hands free while carry this bag....
    rouille_emerald.JPG emerald.JPG rouille.JPG
  2. Those are beautyful!! Congrats!!
  3. ..and yes, I know I made spelling error, it's been a bad day..
  4. wow, they are so cool!

    they rouille looks much more orange than I pictured, but I like it! Very distinctive and the colors are amazing! :smile:
  5. yummm!!! i seriously love rouille...
  6. wow! they're so nice! makes me want one now!!
  7. congrats!! great colors.
  8. Awesome colors cutiekiara!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

    Thanks to you, Didi, and esile, I'm a shrug convert!!! Does Shrise have any more???? will need to call them...
  9. all leather bbags are gone. i spoke to david today. they still have some ponyhair.
  10. Thanks guys as usual for lovely comments.... I feel so lucky now... just in case I forgot to say... THANKS CHIGIRL.....
  11. thanks for the update, chigirl! bummer I missed them :sad:, especially since everyone got great deals on them!! will have to live vicariously through our shrug girls... congratulations!!
  12. you're welcome. i am just glad everyone is happy with their shrugs. i would have felt bad otherwise.
  13. Yay! The shrugs are beautiful! I love the colors! They look like little candy gumdrops!!! Congrats! I'm so happy UPS brought your bags back to you! :smile:
  14. Pretty, pretty colors!
  15. Very nice! Congrats!!
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