My New Rouge Vif Twiggy

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  1. I was not a twiggy person (all my bbags are city bags), but when I saw this, I just had to get it. The color and the leather are just amazing. The picture doesn't do justice, but for those of you considering to buy Rouge Vif, here it is.

    One thing I noticed is that Rouge Vif in First style didn't look as good for some reason (maybe because the color didn't pop as much). BalNY didn't have Rouge Vif City, so I had to use the Purse style to imagine what the City bag would look like, but Twiggy was the best looking one for me. Hopefully, I will like the twiggy just as much as my cities...
  2. Ooooh, there are no pictures!! I love the Twiggy and the Rouge Vif is amazing, the two together are a dynamo! Congratulations! I hope the pics work soon!

    I wish you well,

  3. That was my bad. The picture is up now.
  4. wow, that fire engine red twiggy is smokin' girl, congratulations :choochoo:
  5. That bag looks amazing! Congratulations!
  6. Love it!! Congrats!
  7. Oh swooon! It's gorgeous! Congratulations!!

    I wish you well,

  8. Hey Twiggy sister! I have that exact bag and yours looks exactly like mine.....soft, smooshy, non-veiny, and scrumptious! Congrats and enjoy!
  9. I just bought my first twiggy and I am not a twiggy person either so you will have to tell me how you like it. Anyway, your bag is gorgeous. I have yet to see a rouge Vif that doesn't look good. Congrats!
  10. Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  11. looks great, congrats!
  12. Thanks.

    I think getting in/out of the twiggy might be a bit difficult for me since I'm so used to the city. We'll see...
  13. Congrats, its beautiful!!
  14. CONGRATS!!!! That is one hot bag!!! I trhink it's nice to have a change in your collection! Enjoy to the fullest!
  15. Love the color ... I've been wanting to see what that color looks like IRL! Congrats, it's a beauty!
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