My new rouge paddy from AR

  1. Finally!After more than a month of being held hostage by my aunt who is in NY, my rouge paddy is home with her real mommy! Am soooooo happy!:yahoo:
    BAGS 116.jpg BAGS 111.jpg BAGS 122.jpg BAGS 113.jpg
  2. Oooooo utterly gorge - congrats
  3. Congrats!That is one red hot bag :drool::smile:.
  4. Thank you ladies! This is my first paddy and I now understand what everyone has been saying about how addictive paddies are:love:!! Smooshy leather is just absolutely divine...the pics don't do her justice!!!

    I'm in love!!!
  5. Wow! Congrats & enjoy. =)
  6. Congrats!!!! Well worth the wait! ;)
  7. Congratulations on your first paddy!! I got my first one recently too!! Isn't the leather just TDF?!?! And the rouge is so eye-catching! Love it!!

    And why was your aunt holding it hostage?? Was she taking your baby out for a quick spin?? :nogood:
  8. Beautiful red, beautiful bag!!
  9. WOW! I'm in love too. Congrats on your new baby.
  10. Unlike most of you lucky ladies, I don't live in the States so I don't really get the opportunity to buy stuff, unless it's online. And even then, I have to have it delivered to my aunt in NY first and then pick it up from her somehow (I am a 14hour flight away!!!). :crybaby:
  11. Gorgeous red paddy. Congrats!
  12. :yahoo:YAY:yahoo: and congrats!!! Did you ever get the tag and care card from AR?
  13. Congrats, its a great bag, love my paddies.
  14. THANKS GyrlLayney! Am sooo loving my paddy! And yes, apparently my aunt didn't notice the tags and care card. She said she didn't notice them "because they're just pieces of cardboard..why would you want that??!!":confused1:

    Told yah...she's absolutely clueless!!!:nogood:
  15. Yummy!