My New Rouge Garance Epsom Bearn

  1. Thought I would post my new Bearn as a new thread as I know there's some curiosity about the new Rouge. Mods, please feel free to move this to members' items.

    I actually like the Rouge Garance in the Epsom and the Vachee Liagee--very pretty. I was hoping for a Chevre Bearn, but my store only had a Vert Anis in Chevre with gold hardware with that extra-big gusset which I didn't need. I'm making a trip out to SF next weekend so I'm debating whether or not to exchange the Rouge in the event I see a Chevre I like as Epsom was not my first choice.
    CIMG0818.jpg CIMG0821.jpg
  2. Congratulations!!!!!!! This is absolutely gorgeous! That color is amazing! If it is ok, can you post in the Members Items as well or I can just cut and paste it for you. Just let me know! But this is such a great pic of this new color! Excellent reference!
  3. i think i would like chevre better as well, but the rouge garance is a VERY pretty color! thanks for posting your pics!
  4. The color is beautiful!
  5. I love it and i dont know about changing it i ahve a cherve bearn and i think epsom is a bit hardier... fab colour:smile:
  6. just posted pix under members items as well. :yes:
  7. Thank you! I just saw your post!
  8. Thanks for the helpful feedback; that was precisely my rationale for wanting chevre--I thought it would be tougher than the Epsom b/c I don't have any experience at all with Epsom other than what I've read on threads here. But maybe Epsom will be better after all...
  9. Great color! Enjoy...
  10. Congratulations!!!

    Rouge garance looks yummy in epsom and vache liegee.
  11. Great wallet! Epsom gets a bad rap, but your wallet is lovely. :yes: I have an epsom Kelly and so far I think it's very sturdy (important for a wallet) and holds color beautifully! Enjoy! :flowers: