My NEW Rouge Dior Saddle bag!!!

  1. very cute!!
  2. WOW! The bag looks gorgeous!

    I love your avatar pic...I see two things in it that I REALLY REALLY want to get my hands on but haven't had much luck.
  3. Oh, gorgeous!
  4. Thank you, girls!! This bag is actually a little smaller than the regular saddles, but I just LOVE the rouge color on it, so I couldn't resist!!! Haha...

    Mayday:I love your avatar pic too!! Are you a Dior fanatic?
  5. lovelllyyyyy! :jammin:
  6. Love it !!
  7. mmmm the red looks really yummy. beautiful saddle! feel free to add your pictures in the "saddle" thread too. ;)
  8. lovely, congrats!!
  9. what a gorgeous colour ! congrats ! :heart: and pls more pics more bigger pics ! :yahoo:
  10. I think this is absolutely beautiful. I've never thought of owning a saddle bag - but you've gotten me looking!! Is this a new or old style? Sorry I'm a newbie to Dior purses!
  11. Oh, by the way the retail price for the bag was $995!!!
  12. Cute- congrats!
  13. :nuts: I must MUST resist this temptation! I noticed that it's vernis/patent leather. Is it as shinny as it appears in the picture? I love it! :heart: Do you know when it was first introduced?