My new (rose!) legacy flap!

  1. So I went to the outlets . . . again (hangs head in shame). It wasn't a "Coach motivated" trip though - my winter coat ripped and I needed another one (yes there are places closer, but work with me here). Anyway, the outlet had basically nothing (I go to the Lancaster, PA one). But they did have a few legacy bags - a white ali, whiskey hippie and rose flap.

    I grabbed the flap :wlae:

    I don't know if I'm keeping her . . . I do really like the bag. The color really is lovely, the leather is divine and the style is adorable, but am debating about size and the drop of the strap. It fits some of my stuff, but not all. However, I would probably use it as a "weekend" bag during the spring and summer so I wouldn't have to schlep everything I normally do. Hmmm . . . it also might look adorable with a little sundress if dh and I go out for dinner. . .

    Sorry, I'm babbling, I really just wanted to share some pics!
    pink legacy.JPG flap open.JPG
  2. wow shess a beauty =)
  3. That's a cutie. I didn't like the rose at first, but I think it's growing on me.
  4. ^^^^ Thanks guys!

    queenmab - that's exactly how I felt! When I first saw it, I didn't love it, but seeing the color again today made me appreciate how nice a shade it is. It's not pepto pink and has a nice mauve-y undertone.
  5. ^^ Girl, if you are not keeping that bag, I want it! DARN! I need an outlet by me! It's so pretty!
  6. How much was it? That is a beautiful bag.
  7. That's a beautiful bag!! Congrats and I hope you keep it. It's just too pretty! :yes:
  8. keep it willowsmom!!! so girlygirly!!! love it!!!
  9. Ooooh, she's GORGEOUS!
  10. I love it. I think that's the one I got in black at the PCE. I haven't gotten that deep in my eBay room lately. I have too much stuff! it's one I got for a dress up bag, when I don't want to use one of my LV's.

    PS - next time you go, send me a PM. I work 4-12 so I am almost always available in the morning, and all day sometimes.
  11. Aww - thanks everyone!

    neatrivers - it was 249. Only about 30-40 off retail, but I jumped on it b/c it's a discontinued color and is in prefect condition!

    angelthelson- you sound like my SIL (and that's a good thing)! It's very girly girl and I love that!

    She's definitely growing on me. Actually, one of the reasons I picked it up was b/c it is smaller than other bags I own, so it serves a different purpose. I'm so indecisive sometimes!
  12. noshoepolish - you must have posted while I was writing my last response, but next time I will definitely do that!!! I would love to have a shopping buddy!
  13. I am thinking of going to Birch Run MI outlet tomorrow, it is snowing though, hope weather holds out. My daughter wanted that bag for xmas, but we told her one purse or lots of gifts, she chose Hollister shirts, perfume and Urban Outfitters
    I love it
  14. I just picked up a new black leather Ali on eBay to go with my collection.
  15. keep it willowsmom! its my favorite bag....the only time I haven't used it since I got it was when I was waiting for them to send me a replacement when the toggle fell off. Its the longest I've carried one bag before putting it into rotation!