My New RM MAM getting back into shape!

  1. She came all crammed into her Bluefly box and was delivered yesterday by DHL so I released her from her cardboard prision and am attempting to get her back into her "fighting" shape. I can't believe how slouchly and soft the leather is and how edgy she looks! She's hanging off a lamp in my living room so that the handles can be reshaped. (she was jammed into that delivery box quite tightly!) DH has walked by her about 10 times now and still doesn't notice my new "addition"! She's my first RM:love: and I wanted this one since I saw it online back in November. I missed her a couple of times online and she sold out, nobody returned my calls from the sample sale from RM and my emails ordering her went missing. Then I went to NYC and couldn't find the store. (Walked around freezing Manhattan..LOL) It was crazy. So I decide, oh well, keep checking eBay...UGH. Then I find her on Bluefly this past Wed...It was meant to be! I would've paid full price really! :yes:
  2. Ahh I am waiting for mine too!! Did you stuff the inside with anything? Mine says the estimated delivery is on Monday!! =( I really really want it now.
  3. Congrats! :woohoo: Wear her in good health! :wlae:
  4. You have to love when dh's dont notice these things :biggrin:
    Congrat's on the new bag, its beautiful.

    I cant wait to become and owner :smile:
  5. Congrats, she is gorgeous!!!

  6. ...she is totally naked...nothing on her...nothing in her!!! Totally empty. Another day has gone by and DH or DS or DD haven't noticed a thing... Which RM are you getting xIcy???
  7. I got the MAM in sage and black/blue stamp from the bluefly sale. Its coming tomorrow but I am already back at school and won't be able to go home for another two weeks! The anticipation is going to KILL me!~!
  8. That's a very pretty bag. Have you taken her out on a test run yet???!!!!!

    Love the way you've displayed it!
  9. DamierLover, congrats on the new bag - I love "happy endings" like this one!

    I'm dismayed at BlueFly though, what were they thinking jamming a bag into small box like that?! Despite my excitement over finally getting the bag, I would have been so :mad: at them for that!! That's something a shoddy fleaBay seller would do, not a "reputable" retailer.
  10. Suddenly, I am kicking myself. I dont know why I didnt buy that bag when I could have and should have! Its gorgeous! The floral embossed print is so unique, really I haven't seen another bag even remotely close to it.
  11. i got the same bag from bluefly as well =) and she did come in the bluefly shopping bag. lol did you get a shopping bag as well? i thought it was very odd. but she was naked... with only tissue paper wrapped. and NO dustbag! argh! but i hope you enjoy you bag, cause its so pretty. and soft. i loveD mine, til i look at the hardware and it makes me so sad!

    so im here to post and ask: did yours do the same?
  12. wahh?? no tags and dust bag? They should at least mention it... thats not very good =/
  13. I got my black with blue stamp MAM today in a large enough box. In the box was a bluefly bag. In the bluefly bag was my MAM inside of a protective plastic bag taped shut. The whole thing was wrapped in tissue and taped shut with a Bluefly sticker. The bag has tags, stuffing and a dustbag inside. However, the leather (mostly the stamped part) was a little scuffed. I see a few little scratches and some tiny little white spotty things. The harware is no different than my other MA bags (not the greatest).
    I think I'm keeping it. She's not perfect but she's unique and at a pretty good price.
  14. Mine came exactly like yours did! I am totally keeping mine, I think this is one of the most unique bags I've seen in years. :yahoo: Love the blue stamp!!!
  15. :hysteric::hysteric::hysteric: I want one of these now! WAHHH! Where can I buy one!? Anyone know?