**My new RM goodies**

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm not usually a "revealer" but I got a couple goodies this week that I want to share with everyone. First up, my new to me Dark Grey Mattie with Silver HW!! I've wanted one forever and there have been several on the auction sites the past couple weeks so I snagged one finally! Bought her from a lovely & sweet tPFer!! (thanks again!!) ok.. pics! :heart:


    I also purchased the paper/plastic wallet in Peacock this week!

    pics to follow....
  2. paper/plastic Peacock wallet...


    wallet with my Sea Green MAM (to show color variation)


    Thanks for letting me share guys!!

  3. Woah, congrats! Dark Gray Matties with the silver hardware are very rare! Your photo shows the contrast with Sea Green and Peacock very well!
  4. Gorgeous! The dark grey with the tassels is dreamy. :drool:

    How do you like the wallet? I've been lusting over it since the first pictures came out months ago. Maybe someone will buy it for me for my birthday (a girl can dream) since all my money is locked down for a new house.
  5. gorgeous new goodies, congrats!
  6. Love, love, love the dark grey mattie. Don't you just love the leather? The peacock is such a nice shade! Congrats!
  7. gorgeous DG mattie! :drool: I hope to add one to my collection some day too. I also love the wallet. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it after you get some use out of it... but I can't get another wallet right now since I just recently purchased a Hayden-Harnett Clutch wallet.
  8. Love both your new RM's staciesg!
  9. Super cute! Love the wallet. Congrats!
  10. Thank you all for you sweet compliments! :flowers:

    Yes I absolutely love the Dark Grey leather! I also have a MAB in dark grey and it's awesome!

    For those of you who asked about the wallet, I have yet to use it. It's a little larger than my regular wallet (mbmj zip clutch) and it has less pockets than what I am used to, so I will have to figure a way to make it work. It's too cute not to use! ;)
  11. ohh pretty pretty pretty. i kinda want a green purse now. craps... what am i gonna do? :P
  12. Congrats. Great post.

    I like your Paper/Plastic Wallet. :heart: It's so cute!
  13. Thanks for sharing pics! I'm trying to decide which one I like better - sea green or peacock. I guess they're both lovely, it'll be hard to choose.
  14. Loved your reveal!

    I love your Seagreen and Peacock combo!!!!
  15. I stalked that DG mattie. . .I'm so glad you got it! Congratulations!! Isn't it gorgeous! Love the wallet too! Beautiful color.