My new ring!!!!

  1. Last year I bought a Merelani Mint garnet from a precision cutter. Merelani mints are fairly rare and come from the Merelani Hills mine in Tanzania. The main mine was closed in 2010 and the highly prized blue green Merelani mints are hard to find. They truly rival a green diamond in terms of fire- In fact the manager of a well known jewelry store asked me if mine was a green diamond!! I was thinking I would need a custom setting for my cushion as I was thinking of a rose gold halo (wanted pink diamonds in it, but really couldn't justify the cost for this gem), but I stumbled across this setting a couple of days ago and thought it was perfect for it.
    Stats on my garnet are 1.28ct measuring 6.18 x 6.19. The colors just went so wonderfully with the spring weather we finally have this weekend I decided to do a little photo shoot this morning.
    Merelani Mint garnet ring 1.jpg Merelani Mint glow 3.jpg Merelani Mint garnet ring profile 2.jpg
  2. Forgot to add the setting is 18kt white and rose gold with .40kt diamonds.
    And a couple more pics :biggrin:
    Merelani Mint garnet ring 2.jpg Merelani Mint garnet ring 5.jpg mint garnet ring profile .jpg
  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
  4. Stunning!
  5. WOW! What a fantastic colour and setting :smile:
  6. Beautiful!
  7. thank you Mathqueen99, Lharding, Designpurchaser, and Onebagtoomany!!
  8. ts stunning, the setting is regal and the colour of the stone so very beautiful, enjoy wearing this beauty :smile:
  9. The stone looked gorgeous with the pool in the background!
  10. it's absolutely beautiful!! I love the colour it looks like a Paraiba tourmaline :loveeyes:

    btw when I saw your thread title I immediately thought oooohh pink diamond is ready lol!!!
  11. thanks, Fifiscorpiolady and theweimsmom!!
  12. Wow! Beautiful!!!
  13. WOW! It' so pretty, love how feminine and regal it is, and the colors are divine! :loveeyes:

    Although I confess I read the thread title and also thought "PINK DIAMOND!"
  14. thanks!!

    I thought afterwards that I should have mentioned this wasn't my pink diamond-lol!!
    I thought I might have pictures of my pink ring by now- but Mike needed to stop working on mine to finish a couple of orders with earlier deadlines-bummer! I do understand, though, since I am not meeting with him until the first part of June where he might need to finish other rings first. The pictures I have received so far, though, are AWESOME!!!! I am sooooo pleased- the ring is going to be phenomenal (of course I may be just a tad biased)-wink
  15. thank you HeidiD and etk123!! So sorry you all thought it was my pink diamond ring!!! Soon- I promise!!