My new like???

  1. Just got it today 6.8 carats of hot pink topaz
    Pink Topaz Ring.jpg
  2. Are you kidding? LOVE IT!! :yahoo: The pink is so intense!! And I love the emerald cut! Soooo pretty!!

    Is it for a special occasion, or just because it's so darned gorgy that you had to have it?!!

    Do you mind sharing some side views? I'm interested in seeing the basket and the band.
  3. wowza!!!!!!!
  4. :yes: :yes: thank you! the flash actually washes the colour out a little but I think you can see the colour a little better in the extra pics
    angle.jpg flamingo close up.jpg setting.jpg Side.jpg
  5. its gorgeous :love:
  6. Beautiful, congrats!
  7. Beautiful!:yes:
  8. Love it!
  9. YOWZA! That's a great ring! Where did you find it? Oh..and Merry Un-birthday to you! (Or happy-whatever-special-occasion-that-resulted-in-that-awesome-rock!)
  10. Congrats- that is beautiful!
  11. Gorgeous stone!
  12. Very pretty!
  13. Ohhh, that is a beautiful ring. What a brillant color!
  14. It's beautiful!
  15. enjoy the beauty!