My new Ring bag!

  1. Okay so I hunted down threads on it, and it seems like you guys aren't too into it, but I'm in love. It's my mom's birthday tomorrow and my dad told her to buy bags, and as we share everything, well, it's like it's my birthday too! This one was my pick. The shape and the size are adorable, and I love the two-toned-ness. And *quiet voice* I like that it's not a motorcycle bag...
    DSC00325.JPG DSC00330.JPG DSC00328.JPG
  2. i love the tone colour!!! it's reminded me of fendi B bag though :P
  3. I can see that. I don't like the B-bag though. I like this one mostly for the shape.
  4. I saw them at Barneys BH 2 weeks ago. Like the color. I think I would have to get used to it. I'm not one for rigid/hard structured bags. I need soft and squishy. Thats neat that you and Mom share your bags. My daughter borrows mine sometimes.
  5. Me too (with the soft and squishy) - I used to be into structured bags (lv etc) and probably will "swing that way" again one of these days - but for now, the closer my bag forms to my body - the happier I am.

    cute bag
  6. It looks great on you. The black patent on the tan leather is a pretty contrast and patent is so 'now'. It's a very cute, structured little bag.
  7. This is the "black tie" of Balenciaga bags. I was not keen on the stock photos, but seeing it on, it's actually really cute! Congrats! :balloon:
  8. Love it! Congrats!
  9. That is one sharp bag! Congrats!
  10. That would catch my eye if I saw you with it!
  11. It's adorable! Definitely dressier than the motorcycle bags, looks really sharp.
  12. Thanks guys! :P I carried it today. I'm crazy about it. I've never had a bag so structured, maybe that's why I went for it. I wore it with a leather jacket and jeans, felt like a million bucks. Isn't it great when you carry a new purse for the first time?
  13. nerdphanie - wow! it looks great on ya! thanks for sharing pics!
  14. Oh nice, it looks great on you! It looks Fendi-ish to me too. :P
  15. I saw the bigger size in this style at Barney's Seattle and I love it...but I travel a lot and the only reason I didn't buy it is it would eat up a lot of space in my luggage.