My new rigid Kelly 32cm in chevre coromandel

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La Vanguardia

Dec 21, 2005
Hi guys! I'm so excited :nuts: I went to our Hermes store today because they had a new delivery and I fell in love with this gorgeous fuschia rigid Kelly 32cm in chevre coromandel with palladium hardware :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :love: :love: :love: Since the SA knew it was my first Kelly, she and her manager said we have to celebrate. So, they opened a cold bottle of champagne for me to celebrate my new bag. That's so cool!:nuts:

The SA said that fuschia is quite uncommon and it's the first and only one they got at the moment, so in this part of Switzerland, I'm the only one with it :biggrin:

They also had a JPG Birkin in denim and brown leather that arrived and the orange souple Kelly 32cm is still there.

My gold Birkin is still on the waiting list though :sad2: Kelly1.jpg

Thanks jag! Yeah, that was really awesome. I think the SAs here are so nice!

lovebags - I didn't have to wait. It happened that I called them yesterday and they had a new shipmentcoming today and if I like I can come over to have a look what arrived. And I saw this one.
Wowww !! That does certainly call for a celebration, very cute that the Hermes staff had a drink to your new bag. ;)

I love the colour, it's really gorgeous, and so vivid, it's perfect for the spring !
Thanks guys! I like the Kellys in rigid and bright colors. I think they look "younger" that way. I think the classic black and brown looks better in older people. But I do love the Birkins in the classic colors also because of the more casual look of the Birkin.
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