My new RHR

  1. So after months of searching, I finally decided to purchase a RHR.


    Thankfully, Tiffany loves the larged handed women. It's going to take 2 months but I think it going to be worth it.
  2. That is beautiful. Congrats!
  3. I love that! congrats!
  4. Very pretty!
  5. Beautiful
  6. That is really beautiful! Congrats!
  7. It is stunning! Congrats!
  8. Well apparently, I should not have waited to purchase, Tiffany had a price increase this past Sunday. It went up $200.
  9. Congratulations! It's gorgeous. Can't wait to see the pics.
  10. that's beautiful...good choice.

    you have to wait 2 months to purchase it?
  11. Beautiful, what a lovely choice!
  12. That is a gorgeous ring!
  13. Gorgeous, you will look fantastic with it!
  14. I have to wait 2 months due to my extremely large fingers. It's being custom made. Surprisely, I did not to put a deposit down or anything.