My new Rene Caovilla's *pics*

  1. Ok, now I think I'm done for summer shoe shopping. I will take a group shot tomorrow with all my shoes. I was just organizing my closet and found a few pair that I had forgot I bought - and I bought them in Feb! Help!!

  2. I lovee them!!!
  3. Those are lovely!!
  4. great for summer
  5. so pretty!
  6. I love them. Turquoise is so great for summer.
  7. Thanks! I love the color too - here's my main summer bag:
  8. Maxter, you have great taste!!
  9. Very cute shoes- congrats!
  10. very nice! I love rene caovilla :biggrin:
  11. Very pretty! Matches your bag perfectly!
  12. Awesome - much easier to walk in than most caovillas, which are sky high! I also love what looks to be your Fendi Selleria!
  13. So cute i love them.
  14. Rene shoes are GORGEOUS. Have u seen the new collection?? to die for!!!!! WOW! i love urs. amazing!
  15. absolutely beautiful - I love turquoise!!