My new reissue.. pls help me identify the size :)

  1. Hello! i bought my second chanel yesterday! (the first one is the baby animal flap) its a 2.55 reissue 2005. :smile: its the last piece and im loving it! :heart::heart::heart: but i forgot to ask the SA the size of this bag.. what do you think the size of this bag is? here's my picture with my very nice SA. im 5'6" and around 102- 105 lbs. thanks!!! :smile:
    Pic221-a.jpg Pic224-a.JPG
  2. your best bet is to take measurements and compare it with the ones in the reference thread. Or, take a look at the tag and look the numbers that come after A-----. The last 3 number is the size, and should range from 224 to 228.
  3. but judging from the photos alone i want to say 227.
  4. thanks! ;) my bag doesnt come with a tag,, maybe because its the last piece? :confused1: but i'll try to find a ruler and check its measurements.. :graucho:
  5. I think it's a 227 too.
  6. congrats, it look beautiful on you. Where abouts is the store? I can see older looking chanel bags.......:love:gorgeous!!!
    It's either 226/227. Can you take measurements?
    Lucky you...i've been searching for a grey!!!
  7. Not sure about size but i have to say the the white reissue looks fabulous on you!
  8. Whoa, what a gorgeous bag! Congrats! :smile:

    (LOL @ that yellow head thingie)
  9. iqaganda- salamat! hehe :p

    allbrandspls- the is in dubai. i work here ;)

    kaban and naadl thank u!!! cant wait to have more gorgeous chanel bags! :heart:
  10. You can also tell by the price of the bag. Unless their was a price increase on the 2005 reissue bags then the 226 = $1,995 and the 227 = $2,090
  11. haha, i love this smiley, congrats!!
  12. I think it's a 227, and it's gorgeous!
  13. Congrats on finding a reissue from 2005. Yours is gorgeous & you look FAB with it.
  14. Is that white leather or patent? May I ask what store you were able to find it in, if its the leather. You are one lucky girl That bag is FAB and it looks gorgeous on you!!!!
  15. Looks like the 226 to me. Looks great on you.