My new reissue - but.. what is it?

  1. I wanted the new black metallic reissue - but my SA called and said they had this. Is it just a plain patent one? I mean I love it, but I really wanted the black metallic. The metallic has silver hardware, right?

    Here's my new baby - should I keep it or wait for the other one I wanted?

    Pls excuse the finger prints! :p


  2. [​IMG]

  3. Tracy: It's the black patent reissue and it's gorgeous!!! :heart:Congrats, she's a beauty! Yes, the black metallic has muted silver hw. :yes:
  4. oahctrec, it's GORGEOUS!!! But remember, those fingerprints are always going to be showing on that bag. If you keep it, carry a soft cloth with you so you can wipe the fingerprints off periodically while wearing it. It's a very stunning, high maintenance bag.
  5. it's beautiful but, don't settle for something. get the one you want.
  6. Tracy, it's gorgeous. Patent leather inevitably gets fingerprints but it's still stunning.
  7. It is a beauty - just make sure it is what you really want or get the other one. I keep a tiny piece of very soft cloth in my patents for rubbing out fingerprints on the fly.... Congrats!!! Love it. Lucky you!!!:tup:
  8. If you're still wanting the other one, I would exchange it for the one with the SH. It sounds like that is what you really wanted.

    Anyway, it's a beautiful bag.

  9. what size is that one?
  10. do you mind if i ask how much that one costs? i love it!
  11. It's a beauty!
  12. It's gorgeous, but I would get the bag you really wanted.
  13. I have the blue patent and the fingerprints does not bother me at all. I think the black patent is beautiful.
  14. Thanks Ladies!! :yes: I think I will keep this one and be bad and get the other as well. :wtf: I'm starting to really :heart: the patent!

    It was $2,495.00 and I don't have to pay tax here in OR. :yahoo:
  15. Great buy!! should keep it if you like patent.