My new Red Speedy 25!

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  1. So here she is - much better than my cat pee smelling Mandarin (although I will miss the color!)!
  2. Oh wow, that's beautiful! :love:
  3. Ooooooo.... that's gorgeous! And I love the way it coordinates with your bandeau! It is stunning!
  4. thanks - its really pretty and the bandeau works perfectly with it!
  5. congrats! it's beautiful and the bandeau looks wonderful with it!
  6. STUNNING!!!:love:
  7. Gorgeous! Love it with the scarf! :yes:
  8. Better then the mandarine in my opinion! Love it and wear it well!
  9. lOVE IT , its lovely with the red bandeau, I have the black epi with the red bandeau, but the red on red just seems to pop more! Enjoy!!!

    Red epi something ,is my next purchase, maybe the alma?
  10. Love the color! :love:
  11. Totally love it. Red is much easier to match than mandarin.
    It is a must have item.
  12. It's beautiful! Love it with the scarf and red will go with SO much more than the orange!
  13. Hot!
  14. AMAZING bag! Such a lovely color, and the scarf is a great match! Congrats!
  15. Beautiful handbag!
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