My new red rectangle mini

  1. Was it mentioned if it's removable? Like scrubbing it off without hurting the leather?
  2. Do you know what the chain length measures on the 2 hole vs 4 hole mini?
  3. Lovely bag; congrats.
  4. How much was this bag?
  5. Love red..congrats.
  6. Its 2400 before taxes.
  7. Love it :heart:
  8. Love your mini. Do you know is this mini from 12a act 1 or act 2 ? I checked my local boutique, they don't have it.. :'(
  9. Beautiful! Love the color :loveeyes: The spots are not that noticable at all.
  10. Thank you. I'm not sure what act it is but I know it's really hard to find. I was on the wait list for a few months. Call BG in NYC and go on the list. I'm still waiting for my square mini from there.
  11. Are you going to keep the bag? I got mine and it has the white spots too, I am debating if I should keep it.
  12. I will keep mines but will bring it in to have it refinish. I was looking through some pictures of the 12a red bags and noticed white dots on them too. I doubt I will ever receive one without those pesty dots. Did you take any pics of the white dots?
  13. I contacted BG and she said I could return it or take it to be cleaned, but I am not sure if cleaning will help.

    What is refinish??
  14. I'm not sure what refinish is but another tpf member said that's what an SA said they will do for the bag. Your spots are really bad. I would definitely bring it back and see what they could do. Cleaning it will definitely not remove those spots. Are those spots in the front of the mini?