My NEW RED jersey 2.55

  1. Hi Ladies, I just wanted to share with you the new purse I just purchased! Its red with the mademoiselle lock and the reissue chain. Its the 2.55 size in red jersey. I love it, it is GORGEOUS!!! Sorry the picture isnt that good, my camera is charging right now! I'll have more pics later.

    PS. The white cloth sticking out by the clasp isnt part of the purse--its to prevent any damage from occuring, but I forgot to take it out before the picture!
  2. it's so crisp and pretty in that color.... great choice! I've never seen that particular bag before, but I love it!:heart:
  3. I love the color! congrats!
  4. congrats...i love the red
  5. very cute!
  6. Congrats I love the color!
  7. i love this, may i ask how much it was?
  8. Totally love it, it's gorgeous!
  9. So pretty, I love that red color, and the reissue chain goes nicely with it!
  10. very pretty! congrats!
  11. Congrats! Such a pretty color!
  12. How lovely! The reissue look really goes well with the red jersey! Congrats!
  13. It's lovely! Is it the same one they had last years winter? Do they still have it?
    Congrats on this beauty!!
  14. This is a hot hot bag :heart:!Congrats on such a beauty! :drool:
  15. ooooh what a stunner :biggrin:

    cannot wait to see more piccies of this beautiful baby