My New Red (Bordeaux) Reissue 226

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  1. Here's my red reissue 226!! I love it more than I thought I would! I also ordered the dark white 226 and should be receiving that soon! :yahoo:

  2. And a couple modeling pics...

  3. So beautiful I am drooling...
  4. HOT HOT HOT!!!! it's breathtaking.:love:
  5. aww wow, gorgeous, i want one 2.Congrats!!!!
  6. Thank you!! Red is so hard to find....this may be a tad darker than I wanted but I think it will work!!!
  7. That is a great color, sometimes red can be to orange or too light and apple colored..but this is just perfect!
  8. OMG, this is beautiful. Unfortuanately nordstrom say that they no longer have this in Size 227.
  9. Are you looking for it for yourself? Call Nordies Seattle and ask for Fredrick...I bet he could order it for you....he's awesome!
  10. Thank you!!!

    Yes, I have been looking forever for a red bag. What I like about this one is you can dress it up or down.
  11. It's a gorgeous bag and still on my list. Enjoy!!!!!!!
  12. What a gorgeous bag! LOVE the color! It looks great on you! Congrats!
  13. Love the color.
  14. wow~~!!!! i love it. i want i want i want!
  15. It is soooooooooo beautiful! Lucky girl! LOVE IT! Congrats!