My new red babies!

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  1. What a find! Red Pigalles at an estate sale! Sorry my pics are not so good - hard to do this picture taking thing without holding the camera - it is one of those timer things.


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  2. TDF shoes :drool: Congrats you bargain hunter!
  3. Wow!! Great find!!
  4. Wow! You lucked out. They look fantastic! Enjoy you lucky lady.
  5. Great find!!!!!
  6. Oooooh! Very nice!
  7. :heart:
  8. What size and how much???:P
  9. Great find!!!
  10. how fortunate!
  11. Wow- what an amazing find!
  12. AMAZING!!! I bet you got them for steal too- CONGRATS!!!!
  13. Lots of treasures at estate sales... Congrats! :tup:
  14. oooo great find
  15. Great find. Congrats!