My New Red and Gold!

  1. Christmas this year DH went out on a limb and got me a bag that I originally did not like when I first saw it. Yes, I was not a fan of the Diorling and now I'm not sure why. The bag is so functional (comes with 3 separate compartments) and I love touching the soft calf! The chain feels extremely substantial (heavy) and I love the way the chains are linked together. My favorite part: it's leather lined!

    Without further ado, I present my Diorling in geranium with GHW!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1388546418.906410.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1388546453.127643.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1388546462.026794.jpg
  2. I love it ~ congratulations!
  3. I wasn't a fan much at first sight either but the more I look at it the more I admire the details such as the chain design and discrete charms. I love it! Congrats!
  4. Wow, this is really pretty!:love::love: Congrats and enjoy!

  5. Thanks everyone! I am loving my new red :smile:
  6. Luxurious! Congratulations!

    I didn't like the Diorling when it first came out as well, but now I don't know why. It's such a beautiful flap bag!
  7. Love it. Good for you
  8. It is really a v nice Christmas present.. I Love red and your DH picked the right color... V attractive...
    Btw, I have seen your dior collection and some non dior purchase on the other thread...
    I really admire your collection.. You are definitely have a nice collection..

    Happy New Year and looking forward for more reveal from you in 2014...;)

  9. Thank you :smile:

    I think when it first came out I wasn't too fond of the shape of the bag since I was so gaga about the more structured Miss Dior flap. Now that I don't like the new Miss Dior shape, the shape of this bag doesn't look too bad! But I think the new colors are also better. When the Diorling first came out I only saw the black and white which I wasn't too excited about. I can already see myself buying 1 or 2 more in 2014. YIKES!

  10. Thank you!

    Yes, 2013 was a costly year for DH. I was torn between building my Dior collection or my Louis Vuitton collection (with a few other brands here and there). Hopefully I'll be better this year LOL but I already have a list for the spring so it doesn't look too good.

    Thanks :smile:
  11. Very pretty! Congrats on it dear :heart: .... I am as well not too fond of the Diorling, I still can't seem to like it enough to get one lol

  12. That's an awesome bag lady!
  13. Love it! Love the compartments and the simple design. Congrats!
  14. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! :smile:
  15. Gorgeous shade of red, Congrats and enjoy:smile: