My new red Agenda, Lola you got a trend started!

  1. Well, after reading Lola's thread the other day ( Hi Lola :cutesy:) about how she uses her agenda it got me all compulsed to buy one and do the same thing. I have been needing a new wallet for a long time now. I love all the LV wallets but they are out of my price range right now especially since I am wanting a speedy for my birthday next month.

    So... I kept looking on eluxury and noticed that one day they had the vernis Framboise pink. I thought, okay I want that color. But I waited too long and the Framboise has not been offered for the past two days. So, I took a 40 minute drive to my only LV store in my state. They had the Framboise pink but they also had the Rouge red that caught my eye, ( the last one in red), so I stood at the counter with the framboise in one hand and the rouge red in the other ( wanting both ) and picked the rouge red because I have a thing for red accessories in general. I was a little bummed I was getting the floor model, kept thinking of all the dirty fingers that had touched it, but it was in really good condition. When I got home a used a little windex on it, worked great.

    This is my FIRST ever purchase from a store and this makes now 2 LV's that I own ( I bought my very adored petite mono bucket last year from ebay, love it! ). I feel a little guilty that the agenda was $300, but compared to the wallet prices I am feeling good about it. And the pleasure I get from it, ooohh, I love it! The whole drive home I had the agenda sitting out on my passenger seat, peeking out of its box. When the sun hit it it would make me think of Dorothy's ruby red slippers ( sounds nutty, huh? ).

    Okay, as a side note, my SA told me I had the pink agenda's name wrong. She said the pink I was holding was some other french name and the Framboise is light pink, I was like what? I'm confused. The pink I was holding looked very much like Lola's picture and the colors I see on eluxury ( sort of a medium hot candy like pink ). So I dont know if I am wrong or the SA. I'm thinking I might be right:shrugs:

    Anyways, Lola I copied you and found some filofax accessories at The Container Store. Your idea was great! And I see you have started a trend on this board with others doing the same, and I am loving reading all about it! Hippiechic, I am wondering if you get your pink koala agenda today:smile:.
  2. Kelly Green , it's a great story :P
    congrats & enjoy it...
  3. I love red, congrats!
  4. Congrats! I've been wanting to do the same thing ever since I saw Lola's posting! Red's my favorite color and I'm wondering if I should try to find a red Vernis agenda before they're all gone.
  5. Yay! I love the red too it's soooo pretty!!!! I'm excited my idea has caught on, I thought I was going to get a lot of laughs about......I love that I can have two agendas for the price of one wallet, I'm getting another one soon just have to decide which..... and don't get me wrong, I have some great LV wallets but I like using my agenda even better!!!
  6. what about the geranium suhali?? I just saw one on elux!
  7. Not nutty at all, that's exactly what I would have thought - the ruby slippers!

    I know of 2 recent pink colors in Vernis - Fuchsia and Framboise. I'm not sure which is which though.

    Oh I hope so! The eLux website still says it hasn't shipped yet, although my bank is processing the transaction. Sometimes this happens though - I've received things from Amazon before getting the shipping notification. Wouldn't it be a nice surprise to have it arrive today? FedEx usually doesn't get to my house until about 6 pm (I live in the boonies).
  8. Ooh, sounds pretty! I'll have to check it out. I'd like to eventually get a geranium Suhali Cles.
  9. I have a rouge agenda and I love it to pieces - the rouge is now discontinued too, so it makes it even more appealing! ;)

    Congrats!! :P