my new rasta mandy & LAMB ocd :)

  1. okay so i finally have a rasta bag! YAY! actually i had one that i bought full price when they first came out and realized i couldn't afford it and returned it :sad:...well it's been a few years and i haven't learned anything because i really still can't afford it. haha. anywho, the bag is in really good condition but it has scuffing on the piping on the corners. no deep scratches...if i rub my finger along the edge you can't feel any of the leather worn off...just obvious surface scuffs. anyone else have a rasta mandy this happened with and did you do anything to repair the scuffs? i was looking @ and couldn't tell which product i could use. anywho i need to fix it because it bothers me...i am so freaking picky! i look at the bag and see how pretty it is and then my eyes go and focus on the piping. i mean is there something wrong with me? how could i expect a bag from 2007 be brand new? anywho...just looking for advice and any other lambies that have lamb ocd. :smile: :weird:
  2. First off, congrats on the Rasta bag lambstooth!! It sounds like the bag is in pretty good shape overall so I hope it works out for you.

    I don't have much to offer as far as trying to improve the bag's condition. I can understand how you feel though. Have you seen the LAMB rehab thread? I know there are some amazing transformation stories in there. Maybe you can find some ideas in there? Here's the thread link: