My new quilted Marc Jacobs bag

  1. I went to Neiman's today with the intent of buying the Banana Quilted Hobo bag. However, they didn't have any in stock, and my eyes drifted to the Black Stam, an Olive colored Balenciaga First, and the Quilted bag pictured below (I believe it's the same MJ that Hilary Swank was pictured using recently). The Stam was gorgeous, but I thought it was too big for me, and the leather on the Balenciaga was really scrumptious. After some serious thinking (I left Neiman's for a few hours to think about them), I ended up choosing the bag below. What do you guys think?
    Picture 064.jpg Picture 066.jpg
  2. I love it! She's gorgeous, congrats!
  3. that bag is so cute!
    i would have made the same choice though i do like balenciaga alot as well.
  4. SuLi, cute bag! Congrats! =)
    Daisy's getting the same bag too. =)
    I personally prefer MJ bags way more than Balenciaga bags (sorry if anyone loves them).
  5. OMG! See... there's something about this bag in person. I don't think I'd really give it a second glance if I'd only seen it online, but when I saw it at NM it was love at first sight.

    Yay, bag twins! :love: :love:
  6. :biggrin: Great news, SuLi and Daisy, and a very nice choice. I always must leave the store to ponder over the bags awhile before making my final choice, too. My heart always starts racing and beating in my throat while I'm standing in the store under those fluorescent lights, and I just gotta get out of there and clear my brain.:shocked:

    Enjoy them well, ladies...:flowers:
  7. SuLi, is that Nappa leather? I don't remember it looking so smooth!
  8. WOW! Very cute! CONGRATS!!
  9. Love it. It's a very classic style, done beautifully!

  10. Congrats, SuLi! Gorgeous style!
  11. That's a great bag! Congrats!
  12. Nice buy Suli. Is it comfortable to carry?
  13. BIG Congrats!!! It's VERY beautiful !! :yes: I :love: it ...

    Is it made of goat leather? like the bowler ....
  14. I used the bag today, and it was pretty comfy. I love it - so glad that I made the decision to purse it over the other 2 bags! I think I especially like it because it is a cloth interior - I find that it's a lot lighter. I think the bag is nappa leather, although I did use the "flash" option on my camera so that the details of the bag would be a lot clearer.
  15. I am going to ask a really dumb question, because I am not too familiar with Marc Jacobs bags, but your bag is adorable! :P Are there different types of Stam bags by Marc Jacobs? Which one is yours?:blink: