My new Quilted Bay :) :) :)

  1. Just wanted to share my new black quilted bay :yahoo:

    I was torn between this and the heloise, which is so adorable but I just can't find the perfect size for me - I wanted an everyday bag which is big enough for an A4 folder but doesn't look too big on me (tiny 5' 2") - so I got the medium quilted bay which is such a perfect size :smile: I carried it for the first time today and absolutely :heart: it!!

    I'll try to post modelling pics later, when I'm not in my ugly PJs ;)
  2. Looks lovely! Congrats!:party:
  3. Congratsssss...i've been wanting it for so long. This one is going to be my next purchase. May i ask the retail price? I heard from my friend tht the black one was on sale in Europe. I'm not so sure whether it's true or not.

    Btw,,,quilted bay is so gorgeous IMO.:tup:
  4. So pretty, congrats! :drool:
  5. That's my favorite Bay! Congrats on your great bag.
  6. :yahoo: CONGRATS!!! So pretty!!!
  7. I love that bag! I can't believe I let mine go! Congratulations!!! It's stunning!
  8. Congrats!! The quilted bay is winning me over! I am not a fan of the original but the more I see the quilted version the more I am wanting to add it to my wishlist!
  9. congrats! it's gorgeous!
  10. Thanks girls :lol: I'm loving my new bag! (But already tempted to get yet another Chloe!!)
  11. Hi mameaw,

    The retail price in Hong Kong is HK$12800 and no Bays are on sale anywhere here :push: It was retailing on netaporter a while ago for US$1780, but I've seen lots of deals in the US and Europe posted here on the forum...

    Good luck on finding your new bay :tup:
  12. wow! Congrats, your bay is gorgeous!
  13. Stunning, stunning bag--congrats!!
  14. Congrats!!! :tup: Lovely bag! :yes:
  15. Congratulations! I've just bought the exact same in Moka and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival.