My new python wallet to match my reporter

  1. Here are pics of my wallet that I bought to match my bag. Its a cute little thing but I'm wondering now if a white wallet is practical?

    I am even more scared to carry it than I am my white reporter. :sad: :upsidedown:

    Anyone think I should use a brown LV wallet instead? it won't match my bag but it does not show dirt. Thoughts?
  2. here's a pic of the bag that I bought it to match with.
  3. You shouldn't be scared to use it. It will hold up beautifully.:yes:

  4. ^^^i hope so. I am murder on wallets. I stuff them full and lay them down everywhere. My LVs seem to stand the test of time better than others.

    Hopefully this one will do fine

    Do you think I should treat it w/ something to repel dirt/water? I would be more likely to treat the wallet than the bag because the wallet is small and costs waaaay less.
    If i screw it up no one will know. it'll be tucked away inside my bag. LOL:lol:
  5. I am not a fan of white but that wallet is so hot! I love it! Congrats on the new set;)
  6. ILuv-
    What other colors does the python cc's come in. I mean the main part of the wallet? Thats a beautiful wallet! Be brave & use it!
  7. ^ Janet, the python was also released with an olive bkground

  8. ^^Yup, she's right. It came in white and green. :smile:

    keykey--I will try to be brave. Everyone have a moment of silence for my encouragement......I can do it........... White is harmless, right?

    They are so pretty but I'm scared as he**. LOL :roflmfao:
    Everyone warned me about white cambon. I HAD to have them though. They both look so sharp. :yes:
  9. I bet the olive background is breath-taking! Haven't seen that IRL, I love wallets just as much as handbags!!
  10. Keep it keep it! I love white wallets! (I know it might get dirty but still!!) :heart:

    PS: I love how you are "watermarking" your photos. Very cute :yes: :idea:
  11. Wow!!!!!!!!!!what a nice set:nuts:
  12. well, small accesories that are light, are more prone to color transffer, but since your bag is white, you shouldnt have a problem,!! congrats
  13. oooh, you should post that pic in the accessories sticky!

    If it's not a wallet you'll use every single day I bet it'll be fine!
  14. It is gorgeous... I would be soooo afraid to use it... I could trash black caviar w/ the abuse my wallets get!!
  15. I never had a problem with color transfer on my white french wallet.
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