my new purseket

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  1. My newly bought purseket from eBay. L size is best fit for my speedy 30 mono, here are some photos would like to share with u guys.
    inside my speedy 30 mono

    my new purseket black & white podka dots, it is so lovely !

    on the purseket (from left): hand cream L'occitane, doggy camera case, spectacles case, sunglasses, papers, baby wipes.
    bottom of the pic: speedy 30 mono, pochette wallet mono, pochette acc damier, Le Sportsac as purse organizer for pochette acc

    all the stuff inside the purse
  2. wow.. this is neat.. thumbs up!:smile:
  3. looks great! :yes:
  4. nice...congrats!!!
  5. How nice and organized!

    Thanks for posting the pics!
  6. thanks for sharing these pics!! I've been wanting to buy a purseket but was unsure which size (i have a speedy 30 also) and which seller. Are they all made by same company so quality same with sellers??
  7. Ahhh for the reason of it fits sooo much in....i love the speedy.
  8. looks useful ü
  9. i need to get one. i am definitely getting it when i go home to manila this month. nice pics!
  10. Thanks for the photos
  11. Thanks for sharing! I was thinking about getting one for my speedy 30 too but was unsure about which size to get. Do you find that it stays in place well?
  12. It's perfect, isn't it?
  13. extremely neat!!!
  14. very nice!
  15. Thanks for the pics... I'm thinking about getting one now! They look very helpful for the speedy. I always feel like mine is a big, black hole!