My New Purse!!!

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  1. I just got back from Vegas and I wanted to share my new purchase.

    I had decided that this fall I would not buy an expensive purse. I have other areas that I need to spend my $$ on so I set a limit of $150. I love patent leather and I have been looking everywhere for patent leather bag that was under or around $150. Anyway I have been looking at home and I looked in Vegas and all I could find were either over my budget or PVC. Until I wandered into the fossil store and found this bag.

    [​IMG]Only instead of black I bought in in a dark green with gold hardware.
    I love the bag and its real leather and it was somewhat in my budget. I just had to share my excitement. I have another fossil bag that I bough at an outlet store last year and I really love it. I would have never thought about buying bags from them...what do you guys think of the brand?
  2. Very nice! My niece has a few Fossil bags, and I really like them all!
  3. That's just adorable. I LOVE patent leather, it spices up any outfit. I think that dark green is a great color. Enjoy your new bag.
  4. Congrats! It's very cute. Wear it in good health. :smile: